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Our Apartments are on the route of the Great Ring of the Sibillini walk (Va stage) and are a possible stopover place for hikers. This stage crosses the eastern offshoots of Mount Amandola and Mount Priora which lead to the Ambro and Tenna valleys. These valleys characterised by deep canyons, such as the Gola dell Infernaccio, carved in the limestone by the erosive action of water

The G.A.S. and hiking trail of approximately 120km embraces the entire mountain chain. Divided into 9 stageswhich are fully signposted. In addition to the magnificent landscapes and natural beauty you can also experience the priceless cultural heritage that the Mount Sibillini Park offers.

There are many other activities in our region:
Lovers of Truffles will have the opportunity, in truffle season, to accompany us and our trained dogs to look for these valuable tubars which grow in our region.
are many trekking routes availableis also another popular activityridingwalks along the crests and ridges of Mount Sibillini.
a religious point of view the monastery of Saints Vincenzo and Anastasio is close by. The monastery is managed by Franciscan friars and is available for prayer and worship.

The birthplace of Beato Antonio, the patron Saint of Amandola is also nearby.


  • Lago Pilato: Is situated at a height of 1940 metres and is enclosed by peaks of Mount Vettore. Lago Pilato is the only glacial lake in the Appenines and has a small red crustacean which is unique. (Chirocephalus of Marchesoni) These crustacean gives a red hue to the lake and many believe it signifies the blood of Pontius Pilot. Hence the name Lago Pilato. (About a 3 hour walk from the town of Foce).

  • Sibilla cave: This summit offers beautiful panoramic views of Mount Sibillini and at 2145 metres you will find the ruins at the cave entrance. The Sibilla cave is famous for its legends. (A 1.5 hour walk from The Refuge of Sibilla).

  • Gola dell' Infernaccio ( The throat of hell) : This is a canyon of Mount Sibillini and the path follows the course of the river Tenna. On the walk you can make a short diversion to the hermitage of Saint Leonardo which Father Pietro has rebuilt on the ruins of an anchient Gothic Church. (Walking distance of 35 minutes from the village of Rubbiano).

  •  Monte Vettore: This is the highest peak in the Sibillini Mountain range at 2476 metres. There is a vast panorama from the top and on a clear day, to the east, you can see the Adriatic sea (Walking distance of 3 hours from the village of Forca di Presta).

Amandola, the most important town in the Sibillini National Park is a mere 10 minutes from our apartments. Here the magic, art, history and folklore are interwoven with the reality of today.

Amandola's name apparently derives from the beautiful Fillide who, according to mythological history, whilst desperately searching for her love, arrives in Amandola. As she can not find him anywhere, she believes he is dead and sadly kills herself. It is said the Gods then transformed her mortal body into an almond tree. From this comes the name "Amandola" (almond = mandorlo!).

For lovers of art and history, are the major churches and museums to visit:

Abbey of Saints Vincenzo and Anastasio (XIII Century) which is 600 metres from our apartments.
Church of Sant'Agostino
Monastery of S. Lorenzo and Church of S. Pietro (Benedictine Monastery)
Convent and Church of Cappuccini
Church and Cloister of San Francesco
Church of SS. Trinità
Church of S. Maria a Piè D'Agello
Chiesa dei SS. Ruffino e Vitale ( 6 Km from Amandola)
Church of S. Pietro in Castagna (3 Km from Amandola)
Museum Cultura Contadina (Peasant Culture)of Anthropology and Geography.

There are some colourful lively events which are held in Amandola every year:

Carnival “De li Paniccià”. The name  "Paniccià" come from a nickname given to the Amandolesi (people of Amandola) who in the past dyed fabrics for shoes. The Carnival is a parade of floats and masked people along Amandolas main street and culminates in a awards ceremony for the best entry.
Canestrelle. This procession is held on the last Sunday in August and is to give thanks to Beato Antonio, the patron Saint of Amandola. The parade exhibiting the fruit of the harvest, in this case wheat, starts in a small piazza and proceeds to the Church of Saint Agostino.
Diamanti a tavola. ( Diamonds on the Table) This event is on the 2nd Sunday in November and White Truffles from the Sibillini area as well as other typical foods are displayed and sold. The streets are filled with smells and flavours typical to our region. 

Apertura del Carnevale De li Paniccià

Rievocazione storica delle Canestrelle

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